The Tanaka Family – 田中家の人々

Ojiisan, Eri, Mikiko and Chihiro

Osaka, April大阪、4月

When we first met, Chihiro was a university student in Gothenburg, Sweden. Christmas holidays were approaching, which can be pretty depressing when you are alone in a foreign country, so I invited her to Finland. From that started our friendship; she has visited us several times, basically every time she comes to Europa and vice versa.


This was my first time to visit their home, which had a massive renovation during the last year. It was a stylish two-storey house in a quiet neighbourhood with a small garden and a field. The head of the family was 86-year-old Ojiisan, who cultivated the field and enjoyed his retirement days.


His son, Otoosan and his wife Mikiko worked full days, Mikiko as an entrepreneur and Otoosan at the city office. Chihiro worked at her mother’s company, and her siblings Eri and Sho were university students. Also, Eri and Sho has visited us in Finland. Despite the busy schedule of the family, they always find time to cook and enjoy food together.


At the garden
The nearby canal

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