My neighborhood – 隣人

Chiba, February千葉 2月

The next time I went to Japan as an exchange student. It was possible because at the time I was studying organic gardening at Saaren Kartano, Mäntsälä and the school cooperated with Hanako Network. I lived by myself near Toke Station in Chiba Prefecture; my flat was in a two-storey building which had two apartments. My workplace was Jinpuu, a gardening company run by Hiroto Kikuchi, who also rented the apartment to me.

2度目は、交換留学生として日本にやって来ました。その頃、私はMäntsälä(マンツァラ)のSaaren Kartano(サーレン・カルタノ)で有機園芸を勉強していて、その学校とハナコネットワークが協力関係を結んでいたのです。私は千葉県の土気駅の近くに一人で住み始めました。2階建ての建物が2棟あるアパートでした。私の仕事場は菊池寛人さんが経営する(株)仁風で、アパートは菊池さんが手配してくれました。

I enjoyed living in the area; it was a small and compact place, I could walk everywhere. There was a convenience store, Shimamura clothes shop, coin laundry, some restaurants, bookstores and two shopping malls: Brand New Mall and Bird’s Mall. From Toke Station it was easy to take a train to Chiba City or Tokyo.


During the first month, I got a roommate when Oosaki stayed with me for a few weeks. Then we had neighbors when Hirata and Inaba came from Fukuoka and moved to the empty apartment next to ours. It was very convenient to have a roommate; now we could just hop on the car and go to work. When I lived alone, somebody had to come and get me in the morning. The Jinpuu office was only 15 minutes’ drive away from the flat.


My flat
The building
The neighborhood
Oosaki at the coin laundry
Bird’s Mall
Brand New Mall’s bathroom

Asumigaoka Brand New Mall

7 Chome-1-1 Asumigaoka, Midori Ward, Chiba, 267-0066, Japan

Asumigaoka Birds Mall

1 Chome Asumigaoka, Midori Ward, Chiba, 267-0066, Japan

Shimamura Fashion Center

3 Chome-13-2 Asumigaoka, Midori Ward, Chiba, 267-0066, Japan

しまむら 土気店

〒267-0066 千葉県千葉市緑区あすみが丘3丁目13−2


〒267-0066 千葉県千葉市緑区あすみが丘7丁目1−1

あすみが丘 バーズモール

〒267-0066 千葉県千葉市緑区あすみが丘1丁目

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