Working at Japanese gardening company – 日本の園芸会社での仕事

Chiba, March千葉 3月

Working at Jinpuu was hectic; we had several sites that needed the crew daily. The biggest and the most acute one was the Tokyo site. Our task was to plant 280 trees and some hedgerows to the yard of a gigantic apartment building complex, and the deadline was approaching fast. It was more disciplined work, and there were also a lot of other workers beside us and a foreman who supervised the site.


But luckily we had some smaller locations as well. Some days we planted bamboo at a private house’s entrance, cut trees or built bamboo fences. We made a brand new front lawn to one office’s headquarters’ yard, moved huge rocks from place to place, dug up big trees and carried them to some other location. 


My favourite workplace was Fukujuin Temple in Kawado Village. It was a tranquil space surrounded by a quiet neighborhood and thick bamboo grove, where I often could hear owl’s cry. We made several bamboo fences and planted rows of small box trees in their yard. 


I noticed that generally the common man respects gardeners; sometimes total stranger buys us coffees at the convenience store, passersby came to chat and occasionally even to lend a hand. Jinpuu staff were hard-boiled professionals, always ready to give 100 percent and still polite and humble. I learned a lot from them on a daily basis, they answered my endless questions and took care of me in so many ways.


I worked from Monday to Friday, but sometimes joined the crew on Saturdays too. Few times the rain was so heavy that Hiroto gave me a day off, but that was my privilege: everyone else worked. The work hours were from eight to twelve, and Tokyo’s rush hour could slow us down so that the journey back to Chiba took twice as long as in the morning.


At Jinpuu’s office
Yamamoto, Kikuchi and Ishikawa
The office’s garden
Kikuchi and Yamamoto at the Tokyo site
The trees waiting for planting
Planting the trees
Our crew from the left: young Sato, Endo, Ishikawa, me, Yamamoto and Hirata.
Yamamoto, Ishikawa, Kikuchi and Sato taking a break
Yamamoto making a bamboo fence at a private house’s garden
Ishikawa, Tsugiyama and Yamamoto digging a tree from the ground
Kikuchi and a tree covered with mikimaki
Making an underground support for the tree
Yamamoto at the Peace Park
Making a hedgerow: Kikuchi digging holes for the bushes
Kikuchi, Tsugiyama and Yamamoto finishing the hedgerow and fence
Ishikawa and the brand new bamboo fence at the Fukujuin temple


68-6 Shimoowadacho, Midori Ward, Chiba, 267-0052, Japan


〒267-0052 千葉県千葉市緑区下大和田町68番地6

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