Sanyo Media Flower Museum – 三陽メディアフラワーミュージアム

Chiba, March3月 千葉

The Sanyo Media Flower Museum’s indoor Atrium Garden has seasonal themes in its flowerbeds, so when I visited the place at Easter, there were a lot of tulips, cute rabbits and Easter eggs. Also, the exhibition areas followed the same theme. Surrounded by variegated and lush beds of flowers, the gazebo looked breathtakingly beautiful.

三陽メディアフラワーミュージアムでは、季節ごとにテーマに沿った花壇が作られています。私が訪れたイースターの時期は、 アトリウムと展示棟にたくさんのチューリップ、そしてかわいいウサギとイースターエッグが展示されていました。変化に富んだ花々に囲まれたガゼボ(西洋風あずまや)は、息をのむほど美しいものでした。

Their luscious greenhouse is a round shaped, 23 metres tall building full of tropical and subtropical plants, and it even has an artificial waterfall. The museum has a restaurant and gift shop with a lovely selection of garden-inspired items.


Outdoor gardens enveloped the impressive museum building: at the front is a wide garden of seasonal flowers, in one side courtyard and the rose garden at the back of the building. Designed by the best combination of blooming time and harmony of the beds, the gardens are magnificent.


Sanyo Media Flower Museum is part of the Inage Seaside Park, which has a lot of activities. I walked along with dog-walkers and cosplayers through Japanese style garden to the artificial seashore.


Atrium flower garden at Easter
Miniature garden
The gazebo
Flower arrangements
The greenhouse
The waterfall
Outside gardens
Japanese style garden at Inage Sea Park area
Flower Museum at April: the poppy field
Outside the greenhouse was Hawaiian live music

Sanyo Media Flower Museum

7-2-4, Takahama, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0003 Japan


〒261-0003 千葉県千葉市美浜区高浜7丁目2−4

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