Ikebana – 生け花

Chiba, March3月 千葉

My Jinpuu-colleague Yamamoto had studied ikebana for a few years and asked me to join the class. The classes were held at sensei’s home in Honda and there were three regular students besides Yamamoto: Hazumi, Sakuma and experienced Gondaira, who had practised Ikebana for 42 years. 


Takahashi-sensei had taught ikebana for over 45 years and had a very warm and soothing presence. The lesson began as the sensei gave us the flowers and presented the arrangements she wanted us to practise. Each pupil’s setting varied; Gondaira made difficult and skill-demanding arrangements, and I struggled with the beginner-level ones.


When our piece was ready, Takahashi-sensei examined it and explained the details once again; then we practised some more. After the class we set the table at the adjacent tatami room and dined together. It also had tokonoma, where we could take pictures of our achievements.


The class in action
My first arrangement
Takahashi-sensei teaching Yamamoto
Dinner time

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