Cycling around Lake Balaton Part 1 – バラトン湖周辺サイクリング その1

Hungary, Septemberハンガリー 9月

We started our cycling holiday from Budapest, where we stayed one night and rented our bicycles. Next morning, full of joy, we packed our gear and headed for lake Balaton. Hungary is one of our favourite destinations, and for years I had dreamed about conquering this lake! Finally, it was real.

ブダペストで1泊し、自転車を借りて、私たちのサイクリング・ホリデーが始まりました。翌朝、喜びいっぱいに荷物をまとめて、バラトン湖に向かいました。 ハンガリーは私たちのお気に入りの目的地の1つですが、何年もの間、この湖を制覇することを夢見ていました! それがついに実現したのです。

This was our first bike trip, and we were excited to see how we can manage; we are not very athletic persons and we cycle only for fun during summer. We didn’t make any schedules or booked hotels in advance, but more like drifted from one place to the next one. It was off season, so there weren’t a lot of tourists.


It took us two days to reach the lake; when we saw it for the first time, glimmering through the tree leafs, was a magical moment. Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe, it is 77 kilometres long, quite shallow and has a beautiful turquoise colour. It’s one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hungary, and I can totally understand why; around the lake there are a lot of nice hotels, restaurants and cafes, and the nature is spectacular.


Sunset at lake Valencia
Charming Hotel Kentaur
Our route choices were sometimes interesting

Hotel Kentaur

Akácfa u. 1, Siófok, 8600 Hungary

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