Cycling around Lake Balaton Part 2 – バラトン湖周辺サイクリング その2

Hungary, Septemberハンガリー 9月

The cycling went well, but maybe too fast; soon we had reached the other end of the lake, the flat part was over and it was time to start climbing to the hills. The views on the northern side wine region were beyond beautiful. Now we were used to our bicycles and found a good pace to our pedaling. 


The countryside was charming, and the roads felt safe. Every day we cycled through magnificent sceneries; the autumn fields continued to the horizon, cute cottages and a lot of different kinds of farm animals spotted our way. Sometimes we found an attractive town or nice spa resort and spent a night or two. Our favourite place was a small spa town Hévíz, which has the second largest thermal lake in the world. Conveniently it was raining, so we decided to stay there, and enjoy the warmth of the lake.

田舎は魅力的で、安心できる道でした。 毎日、壮大な景色の中をサイクリングしました。 秋の畑は地平線まで続き、かわいいコテージと様々な種類の家畜たちが所々に現れました。ときどき気になる町や素敵なスパリゾートを見つけて、1、2泊しました。私たちが気に入ったのは、世界で2番目に大きな温泉湖がある小さな温泉街ヘーヴィーズです。都合良く雨が降っていたので、町に留まって湖の暖かさを楽しむことにしました。

For a first-timer our cycling journey was a success. We didn’t have any trouble, if occasional flat tires or flying ants on the way back to Budapest doesn’t count.


Our route: Budapest – Gardony – Siófok – Keszthely – Hévíz – Tapolca – Veszprém – Székesfehérvár – Gardony – Budapest. It took 11 days, Hévíz was the only place we stayed two nights. Total kilometres was around 430.

私たちの道のり:ブダペスト → ガールドニ → シーオフォク → ケストヘイ → ヘーヴィーズ → タポルツァ → ヴェスプリーム → セーケシュフェヘールヴァール → ガールドニ → ブダペスト 11日間の旅で、2泊したのはヘーヴィーズだけです。 総距離は約430kmでした。

Puli, interesting looking Hungarian dog breedwhich end is the head?
Picturesque town of Tapolca
Tópart Bisztró
Beautiful Veszprém
The view from the Castle Hill Veszprémi Várhegy

Tópart Bisztró

Arany János u. 1, Tapolca, 8300 Hungary

Veszprém Castle

József Attila u. 40, Veszprém, 8200 Hungary

Thermal Lake of Hévíz

Csokonai u. 3, Hévíz, 8380 Hungary

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