Kiel Canal by bicycle 1 – キール運河 自転車旅 その1

Schleswig-Holstein, Juneシュレースヴィヒ=ホルシュタイン 6月

Our second bicycle tour began from Hamburg, from where we rented our wheels. For some mixup we ended up with two city bikes with wide saddles and only three gears. The weather was rainy, but roads were excellent; we had the luxury to pedal in a separate lane only for bicycles. There were a lot of cars, so this made our journey far more safe.


Again we trusted our luck, and we didn’t book any hotels in advance. We had to carry water and fruits with us for backup, because once we left big cities, there weren’t so many grocery shops in the countryside. Because we started our tour from Hamburg, we had to first cycle to Kiel, and after that, we followed loosely the Kiel Canal, and NOK Cycling Route.

今回も運を信じて、事前にホテルは予約していませんでした。一度大都市を出ると、田舎町には食品店があまり無かったので、水と果物はリュックで運ばなければいけませんでした。ハンブルグからツアーを始めたので、まずはキールまで走る必要がありました。そこから大まかにキール運河とNOK(Nord-Ostsee Kanal、北海バルト海運河)サイクリングルートに沿って走りました。

The rain was with us every day, but at least the weather wasn’t too cold. The countryside was beautiful, green and lively; every 3-5 kilometres we drove through a small village full of animals and big farmhouses. Sometimes we could buy fresh strawberries from them.


There were a lot of ferries on our route
Kiel Canal
These are my favourite roads in Germany

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