Back to saddle 2 – 再びサドルへ その2

Germany, Julyドイツ 7月

Eager to pedal, we started a bit too fast; after 315 kilometres in four days we really needed a day off. We stayed in Lüneburg, left our bikes at the hotel and let our bums rest. It was a good time to wash some clothes as well. The next day we hopped back to saddle, and the journey continued through forest roads.


No sign of rain, but now the weather got hot; the temperature was over 30 degrees, and the sun shone from the clear sky the whole day. We had to carry more water with us and make more pit stops. Still, I was in big trouble, felt nauseous and weak. Luckily we arrived at Vaalermoor at my cousins’ home, where we stayed for a few days. There was a magnificent thunderstorm at night, and then the weather was cooler again.


We rested four days before we had to get back; we cycled to Büchen, from where we took a train to Berlin. After 3,5 hours, we arrived in the city, and our bicycle tour was over.


Our route: Berlin – Nauen – Kletzke – Lenzen – Lüchow – Deutsch Evern – Lüneburg – Rosengarten – Buxtehude – Stade – Wischhafen – Glückstadt – Vaalermoor – Norderstedt – Büchen. 

私たちのルート:ベルリン → ナウェン → クレッツケ → レンゼン → リューホフ → ダッチ イーヴァン → リューネブルグ → ローズンガーテン → ブクステフーデ → シュターデ → ヴィシュハーフェン → グリュックスタット → ヴァーラムーア → ノルダーシュテット → ビューヘン

The journey took 12 days from which we rested 4, and we cycled 597 kilometres.



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