Snail Vision Nature Healing Trip – スネイルビジョン

Okayama, November岡山、11月

One morning we headed for Asahi River; Toyomi’s friends Chika and Tomoki Koga took us to try some packrafting. Tomoki taught us how to fill our Alpacka Rafts with air and how to use the paddle; then he gave us a dry run in the parking lot before releasing us to the river.


The Alpacka Raft with its under 3 kilograms weight is light to carry, it doesn’t take much space when it’s empty and it’s very easy and quick to fill. It can carry a lot of weight and was effortless to steer; it moved like a feather in the stream. One by one we glided to the water with our colourful packrafts, and started to paddle.


Once we got the hang of it, Tomoki urged us to lay down in the bottom of the packraft, and relax. The river was perfectly calm, morning was beautiful and we enjoyed the serene feeling while floating away. Tomoki’s Snail Vision organizes these trips in various environments. I was lucky to have this great opportunity to try it out! For me it was a new way to experience nature, and I definitely want to do it again someday.

慣れてきた頃、ともきさんは、パックらふとのそこに横になりリラックスするように言いました。川はとても穏やかで美しい朝だったので、私たちは浮いている間、パックラフトに漂う穏やかさを満喫しました。ともきさんが設立したSnal Visionは、このような旅を様々な環境で提供しています。私はこのような体験をすることができて本当にラッキーでした。私にとって、この経験は自然を違った角度から楽しませてくれました。またいつか絶対に行きたいと思っています。

Getting the gear ready
Toyomi filling her Alpacka with air
Serene Asahi River

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