Hiramatsu Bamboo Workshop – 平松竹細工店

November, Katsuyama – 11月、勝山市

Yoshie, Kaori and I took part in Yukio Hiramatsu’s bamboo craft workshop. We drove to the charming town of Katsuyama and walked past old-fashioned buildings with their tiny shops and colourful noren-curtains. 


Hiramatsu’s studio was full of a different size and colour baskets, strainers and items made of bamboo. Every square was invocation; sharp woodwork tools were organized in wooden boxes, paper bags filled with bamboo stripes occupied the corners. We settled on the only empty area on the floor.


Our goal was to make a pot coaster, but first Hiramatsu told us about the different sorts of bamboo and the traditional use of them. He showed us how to use the cutting tools and the technique to work with those long and thin strips; it was hard, but fun. Unfortunately, like many other traditional craftsmanship, this unique skill is in danger of disappearing; plastic has taken the place of bamboo in so many items. After the class, he served us tea and snacks.


Cute shops
Yoshie and Kaori at the workshop

Katsuyama Historical Preservation District

Katsuyama, Maniwa, Okayama, 717-0013, Japan


〒717-0013 岡山県真庭市勝山

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