The Town of Storehouses – 土蔵が立ち並ぶ町

November, Kurashiki11月、倉敷

After the bamboo workshop, we headed to the historic part of Kurashiki, the Bikan area. The town is known for its denim and mt masking tapes as well as the beautiful canal side alleys and wooden warehouses. We tried to visit Kamoi Kakoshi Factory, the famous masking tape manufacturer, but unfortunately it was closed.


We wandered through the picturesque old town’s small shops and narrow alleys until we ended up at a weaving exhibition. The owner of the place took us to a nearby school because Kaori was interested in getting a traditional Japanese craftsmanship education, and she wanted to see the place. The school was small and charming; they had only 9 students at the same time. They gave us a tour of the building and its classes.


The Bikan Quarter offers a lot to see; old-fashioned boats floating in the willow tree-lined Kurashiki River under stone bridges, charismatic shops, restaurants and cafes, the famous rice storage houses and the black and white traditional houses, kominkas.


The historic part of Kurashiki
The weaving exhibition

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama, 710-0054, Japan


〒710-0054 岡山県倉敷市本町

3 thoughts on “The Town of Storehouses – 土蔵が立ち並ぶ町

  1. I love Kurashiki village in Okayama! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible photos and memories of this special place! I am coming back for a visit to Japan in 2021 during cherry-viewing season – that is, if the pandemic is over and it’s safe to travel again internationally. Thaks again – great blog!


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