Indigo Dyeing – 藍染め

Okayama, November – 岡山、11月

Arts and Crafts Village had Airbnb guests; Donna and Brent from America. Toyomi held an indigo dyeing workshop for Donna and me. First we selected the items we wanted to dye, and then we dyed them in Toyomi’s premade indigo liquid. It was very interesting business, like some kind of magic! 


I started with a folded handkerchief where we attached the wooden boards on both sides of the cloth; these boards make the pattern. Then we soaked it to a bowl filled with water and liquid soap. When it was all wet, we removed the extra water from it, and submerged the package into an indigo bucket. Kept it there for 3 minutes and then took it out – indigo needs oxygen to work – and then dipped it back into indigo again. First the cloth was green, then it turned to blue. 


It was exciting to open the package and remove the moulds. Indigo still needed air, and we hung the handkerchief to a clothesline for a while, and still the color deepened. After that, we rinsed the cloth and squeezed it dry, and put it in vinegar water for 5 minutes. Then it was ready!


The wooden boards
The cloth is between wooden boards

First, the cloth is in soap water, then in indigo

Donna dipped it few times, and removed the wooden boards

Donna and her handkerchief

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