The Ishitani Residence – 石谷家住宅

December, Tottori – 鳥取、12月

 One day Yoshie, Asako and I drove through beautiful countryside scenery to Chizu. The harvest was over, and daikons and kaki fruits dried in the sun in front of the farmhouses. We had a delicious lunch at the Ishitani-ke jutaku’s cafe; while enjoying the food, we could admire the beautiful garden through big windows.


The Ishitani Residence and its 40 rooms are a masterpiece. Denshiro Ishitani, the head of the Ishitani Family, wanted the building to last from generation to generation; it’s made from the best timber by the most skilled craftsmen. The spacious rooms are decorated with detailed wood carvings and fresh flowers. The spectacular garden surrounds the rooms, and we could step to a narrow veranda to the inner yard.


The Ishitani Residence’s garden is registered as Place of Scenic Beauty; it’s full of fantastic eye-catchers with its carefully trimmed trees, carp pond and waterfall. The autumn foliage was already gone, so there were not so many visitors.


Beautiful details
The Ishitani House’s complicated roof

Ishitani Residence

396 Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori 689-1402, Japan


〒689-1402 鳥取県八頭郡智頭町大字智頭396

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