Chizu Town – 智頭町

Tottori, December – 鳥取、12月

Chizu is selected to be one of Japan’s most beautiful villages, and not without a reason; picturesque buildings and farmhouses, narrow lanes, surrounding rice fields and mountains give the place a unique charm. The area is known for its  forests and wood industry; the mountains are covered with massive pines and Japanese cedars. 


Chizu-shuku was one of the biggest post offices in Japan during the Edo Period, and even daimyo had a tea room at Chizu. The town’s streets and houses are one of Japan’s 100 best historic routes; because it’s authentic atmosphere, Chizu is a popular filming environment for historic TV-dramas.


In the front of the houses hang a lot of decorations made from branches; sugitama is a local speciality, and they can be the shape of a cute bird or ball. 


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