Bus Tour 2: Boso no Mura – バスツアー2:千葉県立房総のむら

Chiba, March千葉 3月

Our next stop was Boso no Mura, which is an open-air museum with its historic buildings and craft workshops. Dated back to Edo Period, Boso Village is the perfect example of the era and its lifestyle; unpaved streets with beautifully aged wooden merchant houses and tea shops along the sides.

次は千葉県立 房総のむらに向かいました。歴史的な建築物や工芸のワークショップがある野外博物館です。房総のむらは江戸時代の様子や生活様式を完璧に再現しています。美しく年を経た木造の商家や茶店が未舗装の道路に並んでいます。

The village is a great place for a person who is interested to learn about Japanese culture and history and its disappearing heritage as well. Boso no Mura has a lot of different activities visitors can take part: paper and tatami mat coaster making, tea ceremony and blacksmithing.


Ishikawa, the bamboo fence master of Jinpuu, had studied the craft in Boso no Mura, and he shared his experiences in the bus. The village was our last attraction, but when the bus reached Chiba City, we ended our night at karaoke parlour.


Chiba Prefectural Administration Building during 1800-1911
Bamboo fence class
Karaoke parlour

Boso no Mura

1028 Ryukakuji, Sakae, Inba, Chiba, 270-1506, Japan


〒270-1506 千葉県印旛郡栄町龍角寺1028