The Hashimoto Organic Farm – 橋本有機農園

Ichijima, April市島 4月

This was my first time to WWOOF; back in Finland, I joined WWOOF Japan, and via their website introduced myself to the Hashimoto family. The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm is functioning in many countries, and it’s a convenient way to experience unique country life.

初めてWWOOFを経験しました。フィンランドに戻ってから、私はWWOOFジャパンに登録し、そのサイトを通して橋本有機農園と知り合いました。World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms「世界に広がる有機農場での機会」は世界中に事務局が設置されています。少し変わった田舎の生活を体験するには便利な方法です。

I worked five days a week for eight hours per day. First task in the morning was to take care of the chickens; I fed them and collected the eggs. Rainy days I worked at the greenhouse, but mostly I spent my time at the rice paddy. It was hard work, and I learned to respect rice in a whole new way.


My hosts Keiko and Shinji were a friendly couple, and they made me feel very welcomed. Shinji used to live abroad, so he spoke perfect English. It was a busy time for farmers, but still he practised karate every morning. On the last day, Keiko gave me her mother’s old kimono and obi as a gift. Next summer, when Chihiro came to Finland, she helped me to wear it, and I could send a picture to Keiko, like I promised.


Shinji and Keiko Hashimoto
A rice paddy
Making the rice paddy
The water channel
The greenhouse
The chickens
The temple
The view from the temple
The guardian
The badger
Sho, the kimono and Chihiro

The Hashimoto Organic Farm

271 Ichijimacho, Shimokamosaka, Tamba, Hyōgo, 669-4343, Japan