Medieval Week on Gotland – ゴットランド島の中世週間

Visby, Augustヴィスビー 8月

Chihiro and I met in Stockholm, Sweden and hopped on a ferry to Gotland; when we arrived at the island, old-fashioned clothes, knights and monks on the streets surprised us. We had booked the trip without knowledge of its ongoing Medieval Week. The reason we traveled to Visby was, of course, Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Visby as a city is beyond attractive: it’s small, full of flowers, cobblestone streets, ancient ruins, all surrounded by the sea and an impressive stonewall which is the best preserved historical city wall in Scandinavia. Visby’s picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Because of the Medieval Week, the town was full of unusual activity; knights fighting in tournaments, an outdoor market place with troubadours, blacksmiths, pottery makers, yarn spinners, and all properly dressed for the occasion. We find out that the market was a perfect place to find interesting items made from sheep’s wool, wood, iron, linen and leather.


The ferry
Rustic old town
St.Karin Catherdal ruins
At the tournament
The outer city wall


Donnersgatan 1, 621 56 Visby, Sweden