Mobara Park – 茂原公園

Chiba, March3月 千葉

This park is one of Japan’s 100 best places to experience sakura. My timing obviously wasn’t the best; when I visited the park, only two of their 2 850 cherry trees were blooming. But the bright side was that there was only me and four or so other people far on the horizon enjoying it.


Even without the cherry blossoms there is a lot to see; the serene Lake Benten with its carps, lazy turtles and various birds, cinnabar-red lacquer bridges, early spring flowers and enough benches to study them or just to sit and relax.


The landscape is versatile; you can walk around and over the lake, or have more intensive hike through the paths on the hills. From the top of the hill opens a nice bird’s-eye-view to the park and the surrounding residential area.

公園ではいろんな風景を楽しむことができます。湖の周囲を歩いたり、橋を渡ったり、丘の小道をハイキングするのもオススメです。 丘の上からは、公園と周辺の住宅街を眺めることができます。

The Bentendou
The hiking path climbs high on the hills

Mobara Park

1325-1 Takashi, Mobara, Chiba, 297-0029 Japan


〒297-0029 千葉県茂原市高師1325-1