Nakayama Racecourse – 中山競馬場

Chiba, March 千葉3月

On my day off I headed to Funabashi; my destination was the gigantic Nakayama Racecourse, which boasts of being the second largest hippodrome in the world with its capacity of 165 000 people. They have both grass and dirt courses, and a notorious steeplechase course, which is one the most difficult ones in Japan. 


This was my first time to see this kind of horse race; in Finland harness racing is more common. I started my exploration from the Parade Ring where it is possible to admire the beautiful creatures more closely. The slender limbs resembled a ballerina’s legs as the horses walked calmly with their caretakers until the riders came and mounted them. That had an electrifying impact on the animals, and one by one they sprinted towards the racetrack on full speed.


The racecourse also had a Food Plaza and Turfy Shop. The shop sold T-shirts, plush toys of the actual racing horses and horse hair for good-luck charms.


The entrance
The Parade Ring
The main track and grandstand
At the finishing line
Maintenance crew at work
A good-luck charm

Nakayama Racecourse

1-1-1, Kosaku, Funabashi City, Chiba, 273-0037, Japan


〒273-0037 千葉県船橋市古作1丁目1−1